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Hello jonetsu,

there are also other many other DAWs beside of Bitwig that do not have these features. So we need to do compromises.

Electra3 & Electra2 & ElectraX / Re: Electra 3.2.1 : EnvS* values not shared with DAW
« Last post by jonetsu on September 26, 2023, 08:21:01 PM »
Thanks for the explanation. 

With Bitwig I only try to have the main controls seen on the UI, so that afterwards I can use a Launchpad to change the main Electra parameters instead of a mouse.  Many parameters are 'floating' up in the Bitwig device for a synth after touching the UI control, so there's usually no need to search.  But from time to time when several parameters have the same name (for different oscillators) then they do not surface up.  In these cases I simply enter a few search letters to have all the same name parameters shown then I can see which one belongs to which oscillator by moving it in the UI, and assign it to a Bitwig remote control.

It's a little effort although it will be worthwhile to be able to modify Electra parameters using a hardware device like the Launchpad.  For fine tune of parameters the UI has to be used since the Launchpad works by increment, but it's still nice to be able to very quickly switch between oscillators and other main parameters, sometimes modifying two or three at the same time.

Cheers  / Tschuess
This is intended. EnvS is currently not shared as this could create glitches and/or hanging notes in certain special cases. It would a bit be risky to use it.

Electra is a very powerful synth with lots of features. It has 4 layers, each with 300 parameters. Exposing all 1200 parameters to the DAW would make it really difficult to find the right parameter quickly, especially for the higher layers. That's why only really important parameters and those who work smoothly are exposed by default.

If there is demand for this also by other users I can check out if it can be supported in a future update.
Electra3 & Electra2 & ElectraX / Electra 3.2.1 : EnvS* values not shared with DAW
« Last post by jonetsu on September 22, 2023, 11:03:21 AM »
Hello.  While creating a Bitwig Remote Control for Electra I noticed that the envelopes' sustain values are not shared with the DAW.  The attack, decay and release (EnvA*, EnvD* and EnvR*) are but not the sustain.
Electra3 & Electra2 & ElectraX / Re: Electra 3.2.1 : ArpMultiLayer > Explorer RR patch
« Last post by jonetsu on September 21, 2023, 04:23:39 PM »
Thanks !
Looks like the sound designer of the patch did not work properly here. You can easily fix it for yourself:

- Click on the ON button of OSC1 twice
- Then click on FILE->Quick save patch

Best Regards,

The Synth Layer 1 upon loading the patch does not show OSC1 as being enabled although it clearly is.  Clicking on 'ON' will do nothing since it's already enabled, and clicking again will turn it off.  From there it's back to normal eg. clicking again will turn it on and will show it with the 'ON' button being highlighted.

Do you also see this ?

Electra3 & Electra2 & ElectraX / Re: Electra3 new tones
« Last post by jonetsu on September 20, 2023, 12:14:46 PM »
Hello Markus,

I already have the PDF documentation for Electra2.  I asked if there was anything new in the documentation for Electra3.

I'll be looking out for RayBlaster3.


Cheers / Tschuess
Electra3 & Electra2 & ElectraX / Re: Electra3 new tones
« Last post by Markus Krause on September 20, 2023, 08:35:11 AM »
Hello Jonetsu,

sadly only very few people take their time to read manuals these days. Most people expect videos:

You can find details of the new features of Electra3 here:

I can upload the manual of Electra2 to the website in PDF format. This manual also works well for ELectra3. So far noone else has asked for a manual of Electra3 as a PDF, so it is unlikely that there will be one.

RayBlaster3 will be available in early November.

Best Regards,

Electra3 & Electra2 & ElectraX / Electra3 new tones
« Last post by jonetsu on September 19, 2023, 10:56:45 PM »
Hello.  Since I got Electra2 I considered the synth as digital sounding, a digital tool when some edge was needed.  But now with Electra3 the same patches are sounding so much warmer, it's a very nice surprise !  The sounds have more depth, more warm fullness to them.  Same goes for what I've heard so far trying out RayBlaster3.  It's really great.  And so far both demos are running well in Linux using Bitwig 5.07 for Linux.  I will get Electra3 (done) - is there a time frame for the release of RayBlaster3 ?

Cheers / Tschuess

PS: It would be nice to have a PDF version of the Electra3 user guide.
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