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Warlock / Before you update Warlock
« Last post by c0nsilience on Today at 05:36:25 PM »
Make sure that you've backed up any of your UserA, UserB, or UserC banks.  The update will wipe them.

On a Mac, you can find these banks at:

~Library/Application Support/Tone2/Warlock
You're welcome.
Have a nice weekend!

Warlock / Re: Warlock - new! The early-access-version (PC & Mac) is available now!
« Last post by Dumbo on February 27, 2021, 12:05:37 AM »
Thank you Markus, for the information!


Hello Dumbo,

the end of 32 bit is close. 64 bit CPUs for the consumer-market are widely available since around 15 years now. Apple stopped support 5 years ago. Microsoft also stopped to ship OEM versions of 32 bit Windows.  Steinberg's VST SDK also does not longer support it.

The existing Tone2 products that are 32 bit compatible will of course keep support for 32 bit. New products like Warlock do not longer support it.

Warlock / Re: Warlock - new! The early-access-version (PC & Mac) is available now!
« Last post by Dumbo on February 25, 2021, 12:41:23 AM »
Hello Markus,
great to see a new Tone2 Synth! But I have a question: Since Warlock doesn't support 32 bit Hosts / VST, is this in general the end of 32bit support, or will the other synths, when updated, still be running in 32bit surroundings?


No. It is still early-access.
I sent you an email with a download-link last week. The current version is v1.0 rc3.
To validate that you installed the latest version click on FILE->show version info.
so..warlock has been released. However, i seem to only be able to download a demo of version 1.0.0. How to get the latest version when already bought?
Warlock / Re: Warlock - new! The early-access-version (PC & Mac) is available now!
« Last post by Jay on February 21, 2021, 12:04:47 PM »
F I R E B I R D !
This was my first thought after I've seen the pics. And I was right after I bought it directly. The sound is like the remarkable one from Firebird which I used a lot about years ago and produced a complete Album only with using Firebird. By strolling through the presets I fell back in good memories of this time.
Sadly I couldn't use Firebird anymore after I switched to a 64bit-Machine and DAW back in 2017. The more happy I'm now to get back this great Synth with pretty cool additions, "new" sounds and this very cool "random" feature.
Now my wife will hate you guys in cause she won't see me a lot coming out of my studio the next weeks ;) Time to create own presets, modulate the existing ones and it's going to be real fun! Why? Cause the Interface is easy to use, offers all things I need and makes sound-design a time-saving task. Well done so far, guys!
The only thing I have to "complain" about is the fact, that the "Midi-learn" doesn't work properly atm...but hey...improvements are still to come as I bet ;)
Cheers from Leipzig, Germany
Warlock / Re: Copy oscillators
« Last post by Markus Krause on February 19, 2021, 12:08:14 PM »
Hello Piet,

It is possible from the technical side. I can implement it if there is demand for it

Warlock / Copy oscillators
« Last post by FischerZ on February 18, 2021, 04:00:24 PM »
Is it possible to implement a copy function for the oscillators?

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