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BiFilter / Re: BiFilter feature requests
« Last post by Markus Krause on April 29, 2020, 08:31:20 AM »
Hi LeVzi,

it is just a cosmetic issue and has no effect on the functionality of the plugin.
On PC this can be fixed. I will take care of it in a future update.

BiFilter / Re: BiFilter feature requests
« Last post by LeVzi on April 28, 2020, 01:35:28 PM »
Hi guys,

Something that's always bothered me, but i've never reported it, is that in Cubase, when you list by vendor, Bifilter is in audiosoftware  and all the others are in  Is there any chance for a minor update to rectify this ? So all my Tone2 products are in the same vendor ?

Nice one ? :)

PS I have this issue with PSP Audio plugins, some are listed as Unknown which is ever worse lol
Icarus / Re: Swap and copy FX in Icarus 2?
« Last post by tatsyn on April 28, 2020, 12:14:34 PM »
Good morning, i miss this feature too...

It allowed for quick experiments and also saved the FX settings while swapping their order..

Icarus / Re: Icarus 2.0 Modwheel in FL Studio 20
« Last post by Robcore on April 28, 2020, 11:03:51 AM »
Hi Markus,

thanks for the information. I checked my settings and could not find anything related to this.
I did not automate the modwheels in those projects though. I only put a set amount of it to change the synths sound. Also I never assigned midi to the modwheel. The Icarus 1.6 update back then did not have this issue. Maybe it is because it was renamed to Macro in v2.0?

So if it is only me having this problem I guess it is how it is. I just learn from this and will make a backup before I update a most used synthesizer the next time.

Keep going with those updates tho! Icarus finally made it able for me to create qualitative music.
Thanks for all your work guys!
RayBlaster / RayBlaster 2.6 public beta
« Last post by Markus Krause on April 27, 2020, 04:11:01 PM »
Info about RayBlaster:
Download link:

The update to v2.6 is a major update, which is available for free. It includes a big GUI, many new features, better sound-quality, lots of enhancements and some fixes.
RayBlaster 2.6 is downward-compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound-quality.

New features:

    A big interface is available beside of the normal scale now.
    It is possible to select from 4 GUI sizes in 'Setup'.
    The texts shown in the patch-browser on Mac support hi-dpi drawing.
    The plugin detects the best GUI-size automatically.
    Added Digital-Signatures for the installers on PC
    Added Notarisation for the installers on Mac
    Support for Code-Signing on the Mac, since new hosts may require it to be able to run plugins
    Compatibility with MacOS Catalina
    Completely new AudioUnit interface


    More harmonic overall sound.
    Enhanced sound of 'Chorus' and 'Ensemble'. They sound smoother and less detuned.
    Enhanced sound of 'Delay','Delay Band','PingPong','Multitap','Delay Diffuse' and 'Delay Dual'. The echo sounds less detuned.
    Higher precision audio-rendering.
    Workaround for a well-known bug in Apple's AU-manager: It is not longer necessary to reboot the Mac to detect the plugin.
    Some texts on newer OSX-versions were looking ugly.
    More contrast for the user-interface.
    Removed the ugly reflections of the borders from the GUI.
    PC-version is loading faster.
    Better compatibility with Windows 10.
    Activation-dialogue in also available in German.

New features and enhancements (standalone-version for PC):

    Added a recorder that can export your jam-session to a wav-file.
    The BPM-rate can be changed.
    Added a soft-clipping-algorithm with low harmonic distortion.
    The current patch can be saved on exit and is reloaded automatically on start.
    MME-driver support.
    Midi-through support with output-routing.
    Added Midi-velocity-curves with multipoint-splines.
    Optional Midi-transposition with up to +-48 semitones.
    Optional Midi-channel-filtering.
    The current BPM-rate, CPU-load and volume is shown on the top-panel.
    Tooltips are shown on the top-panel.
    Lower latency for the sound-card drivers.
    More responsive GUI with 120 Hz refresh-rate for smooth knob movements.


    The check-mark for the patch selector was missing in some hosts after closing and opening the GUI.
    Fixed some GUI glitches in the browser which could appear if very long names are used.
    Fixed the Y-coordinates of the texts on Mac.
    Fixed a rarely appearing crash on the Mac that could happen when the plugin was deleted while a tooltip was shown.
    Fixed a rarely appearing problem when envelope-parameters were not updated correctly.
    Fixed an unlikely crash on the Mac which happened if the plugin was closed immediately after opening the browser.
    Fixed a bug in the fast-sine-approximation on PC.
    Fixed a bug with list-selectors on Mac 64bit.
    Updated some deprecated links.


    32-bit on Mac is not longer supported. If you still use it, install RayBlaster 2.5 instead.
    MacOS 10.7 is the minimum requirement now. If you use 10.6 or 10.5, install RayBlaster 2.5 instead.

Icarus / Re: Icarus feature requests
« Last post by Markus Krause on April 27, 2020, 11:46:08 AM »
Hello Burkuagh,

1) I did experiment with this. However they did not sound different enough compared to the stuff that's already included.
Please note: Unlike other synths the hypersaws in Electra and Icarus use a special statistical alogrythm to make sure that they are 100% mono-compatible. That's also the secret why the sound more smooth and more wide that the one's from competing products. So in general you don't have to care about mono-compatibility as long as you use Icarus.
Optionally you can control the stereo-with by adding the effect 'Stereo width' and set 'width' to 50%.

2) This is possible. So far noone else has requested this.

3) No sure if it is a good idea. If i change something here GUI glitches could appear in various hosts.

Best Regards,
Icarus / Re: Icarus 2.0 Update issue
« Last post by Markus Krause on April 27, 2020, 11:23:27 AM »
Hello Rob,

this problem has been not reported by other users.
Icarus2 is downward-compatible. All projects created with Icarus1 load with Icarus2 without any further steps necessary.

Please note that the modwheel is a Midi and not an automation-parameter. If you send a Midi-CC1 command, the modwheel will change in the synth. Make sure that you check out your FL-Studio settings for resetting midi-controllers and check out the settings of the hardware devices that you connected.   

Best Regards,
Icarus / Icarus 2.0 Modwheel in FL Studio 20
« Last post by Robcore on April 26, 2020, 01:25:12 PM »
Hello there,

I found out about this issue quite a time ago, but sadly it realy bothers all my Icarus used projects that I am "reworking" now.

Basically what happened is:

The Modwheel was reset to 0% on all my Icaruses used on all projects inside FL Studio 20+.
So I wonder if I did something wrong while updating, if it is a bug or it is just how it is and in future I need to make a "seperate" installation of Icarus. (Is this even possible?)

If I would not have old versions of my projects on my laptop I could just guess how some things sounded like. I am not even sure if other parameters changed as well.

Also I wonder if I am the only one having this issue.
Any help would be apreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards

Icarus / Re: Swap and copy FX in Icarus 2?
« Last post by Robcore on April 13, 2020, 04:29:47 PM »
I also have to add, that I realy used this quite often, as I just mess around with the effects to get that "special you do not get with logical thinking" sound.

If there will be more updates to this nice synthesizer I would be realy happy if this feature would come back. :)
RayBlaster / Re: Rayblaster2 note order setting
« Last post by pixel on April 09, 2020, 03:41:42 PM »
Thank you very much for the explanation. I think it can be roughly compared to chord inversions e.g. when C major third consists of C, E and G while the 1st inversion of C major is E-G-C and the 2nd inversion G-E-C as the root note changes.

Finally, one more suggestion regarding the arpeggiator section in RB manual. Besides of missing description of node order option 0 there's also a bit misleading info about the swing mode. It says "you can increase the amount of swing from 0 (no swing) to 99 (full swing)."
In fact, you can choose from 5 pre-defined modes (Staight and Swing 1-4) where I guess Swing 1 means very gentle inaccuracies and Swing 4 is the full swing mode.

Have a nice weekend too!
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