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Author Topic: Okay I purchased The New Icarus 2 update and cannot get it to unlock  (Read 199 times)


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Okay I am a previous owner of Icarus 1.6 and have since bought the update for the discounted price . So I downloaded the installer right off the links I was sent to the actual purchase, then the ones sent to my e-mail, and even the non trial ones posted on this website and every time i uninstall then reinstall I cannot get the screen that allows you to unlock it. The only 2 options I get are try it out and purchase online. Plus after each time i did a full install I even did searches to see if there were any copies of the trial version that the uninstaller may have missed and made sure there were none. Im just wondering if anyone can help me figure this out. especially cuz its been over a week since purchasing and ive still been unable to use it. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Markus Krause

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Hello Jason,

1) Install Icarus2

2) Click on the icon on the desktop to load the standalone-version

3) You will see a screen which says "Click here to test...", "Click here to buy..." and "Click here to activate it"

4) Click on "Click here to activate it" and select "Icarus2.t2k"

5) Restart Icarus

Further notes:
Make sure that your screen resolution is Full-HD or higher (1920 x 1080). Otherwise you might not be able to see to lower part of the GUI. To change the resolution right-click on the desktop, select display properties and set scaling to 100%.

Best Regards,