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Author Topic: Gladiator 4.0  (Read 2145 times)

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Gladiator 4.0
« on: August 31, 2023, 10:49:31 AM »
Gladiator 4.0

Product page:

Download link (free demo & upgrade):

Downward compatibility:
Gladiator4 is fully downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song-projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benfit from the enhanced sound quality.

New features:

-  GUI with 14 different sizes (with and without parameter-editor).
-  Native support for WQHD, 4K, 5K and 8K UHD displays.
-  Support for hardware-acceleration.
-  Now all parameters can be automated in all DAWs.
-  The current HCM morph-position is shown with a vertical line.
-  The mousewheel can be used to quick-select patches.
-  It is now possible to export waveforms or wavetables on PC and Mac as a .wav file.
-  Arpeggiator-position is shown in the GUI.
-  Ultrasharp graphics with enhanced HiDpi and Retina Display support.
-  GUI can be scaled from 66% up to 200% by clicking in the lower right corner.
-  Automatic detection of the ideal GUI size.
-  Lots of other small stuff.

Higher sound-quality:

 -  More transparent and clear over-all sound.
 -  The synth 'sits better in the mix', especially when it is combined with other instruments.
 -  The audio-engine now uses 64-bit precision instead of 32-bit, which results in a higher sound-quality.
 -  The timing-resolution of the modulation is now twice as precise.
 -  Enhanced sound of the automatic micro-tuning. Chords can not longer get too much out-of-tune.
 -  More precise pitch-calculation.
 -  All sounds with the quality setting "very high" have a more precise and fast modulation.
 -  More linear frequency-response for certain configurations.
 -  Enhanced sound of Reverb large. It has a more transparent tail.
 -  Enhnaced sound of Reverb small. It has a more transparent tail.
 -  Enhanced sound of Reverb predelay. It has a more transparent tail.
 -  Enhanced sound of Reverb predelay. It has a more transparent tail.
 -  Enhanced sound of Reverb trance. It has a more transparent tail.
 -  Enhanced sound of Reverb old. It has a more transparent tail.
 -  Enhanced sound of Super Strings. It has a higher precision rendering.
 -  Enhanced sound of formant-scaling.
 -  Higher resolution mixing.
 -  Sounds with quality setting "very high" have more accurate envelopes.
 -  Lots of other subtle enhancements.


-  Higher performance.
-  Completely rewritten GUI code.
-  Reworked big parts of the audio-code.
-  Reworked and enhanced graphics.
-  Several small enhancemets for the patch-selector and patch-browser.
-  Smoother animations and more responisve controls.
-  The spectrum-displays show more details.
-  The skin has some color-bleeding around the displays.
-  More contrast for the spectrum-display and the filter-frequency-response.
-  More contrast for the LCD displays.
-  Several small enhancements for the VST3 and AU version.
-  Fine-tuned some coordinates in the interface.
-  The LFO waveforms are drawn with a continous line.
-  The automatic screen-size detection is smarter.
-  Smarter installer.
-  Reworked tool-tips.
-  Re-sizing the VST3, Standalone and Audiounit works more reliable in various DAWs.
-  More beautiful font for the patch-browser for certain configurations.
-  Fine-tuned some colors.
-  The animations are faster and smoother.
-  Enhanced stability.
-  A warning message is shown when the installation is damaged.
-  A warning is shown when the user accidently selects a gui-size that is too large for the screen.
-  The installers come with a Microsoft/Apple approved certificate.
-  Lots of other small improvements.


-  Removed the demo-version timeout and added a voice-over.


-  Some DAWs could show the VST3 version on PC with an incorrect size when Windows scaling was used.


The update to v4.0 is a major update. The upgrade is free for anyone who bought Gladiator directly from after April 2023. All others can upgrade with a big discount ($39).
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