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Author Topic: Icarus 2.5 released  (Read 1715 times)

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Icarus 2.5 released
« on: September 01, 2022, 10:55:47 AM »
Icarus 2.5 (free update)

The update is a major update that is available for free for all Icarus2 users.

Video with the new features:

Product page:

Download (free demo & update):

New features:

161 additional patches created by professional designers.
Reworked patch browser with 6 different sizes (small/normal/big + with/without keys).
Native M1 Silicon support on the Mac.
Added a VST3 version for Mac.
Added a standalone version for Mac.
A spectrum analyser displays the frequency-response in the patch browser.
Tooltips with descriptions and hints are shown when you hover over a control.
Help->'Show version info' displays the mode in which the plugin is running (ARM/Intel).
When samples are played back a red sample preview window is shown.
A vertical line shows the current sample playback position.
A double-click resets a knob to default.
Free Soundset demos.
Extended skin support for 3 sizes.
The shape of AHDSR envelopes can now be edited by drawing in the display.
Timing info is shown in the AHDSR windows.
AHDSR envelopes are animated when Midi CCs are routed to them.
Tradtitional sample import with Tools->Load/Save->'Load Sample'.
Added feature desciptions to many menus of the wavetable editor.
You can load traditional samples in .wav format with drag&drop to the oscillator's waveform display.
Samples can be tuned automatically on import.
The mousewheel can be used to switch through wavetables.
Tooltips can be hidden or shown in the Config section.
It is possible to record automation with the effect sliders.
The mouse arrow changes over controls that can be edited by drawing in the display.

Enhanced sound:

Higher sound-quality in 44 kHz, 48 kHz and 88 kHz sample-rate.
More precise timing.
New microtuning algorithm that detects and enhances a wide range of chords.
Enhanced sound of Reverb. It has a more smooth rolloff and less detuning.
Enhanced sound and default settings of the Vocoder.
Enhanced sound of Ensemble effect. It has a more subtle modulation and is in-tune.
Enhanced sound of Hypersaw 10x Stereo.
Enhanced sound of Delay, Delay Wide, Delay Diffuse, Delay Band and Delay Dual.
Enhanced sound of Multitap and PingPong. They have a more subtle modulation.
Enhanced sound of Reverb Dark. It is calculated with higher precision.
Fine-tuned the default values for some effects.


More smart detection of the VST2 path.
The native M1 support results in 20% lower CPU use compared to Rosetta2 Mode.
More responsive GUI on M1 Macs.
The ideal GUI size is detected automatically.
Better workflow and more intuitive use of the interface.
Enhanced many graphics.
Higher performance.
The slider in the wavetable editor is more easy to handle.
The interface has more contrast.
Random Button with extended feature set (3 oscillators, creates new wavetables, etc).
Many small enhancements for the wavetable editor.
Much faster loading and saving.
Further optimisation to prevent denormalisation.
Importing .wav files with drag&drop to the oscillator displays gives much better results.
Fine-tuned the coordinates of some GUI elements.
The resynthesis with single oscillators gives much better results.
More efficient compression for image resources.
The resynthesis menus have been cleaned up and are more straightforward to use.
The OSC Tool menu has been cleaned up. Redundant items have been removed.
Graphics performance in wavetable editor is faster.
The envelopes in the drum sequencer have a blue color.
The Vocoder has higher default volume and is more easy to play.
Added descriptions to the Resynthesis menu.
Added descriptions to the Vocoder menu.
Many small enhancements.
The scrollbar in the patch-browser has more contrast.


Tooltips did not work with Dark Mode with Big Sur.
Workaround for the 'unusual' designed audio architecture of FL Studio. It is not longer necessary to enable 'Use fixed size buffers' to avoid crackles.
Workaround for a bug of Big Sur where new AudioUnits are only detected after a reboot.
Several small compatibility fixes for MacOS 11 and MacOS 12.
The coordiantes of the context-menu for knobs were not always correct.
Fixed a rarely appearing crash in the wavetable editor.
A drag&drop line is not longer shown when the wavetable editor is open.
The coordinates of the scrollbar-handle in the patch-browser could have an wrong offset.
A double-click to a knob of an envelope now correctly redraws the display.
Tooltips were not properly readable in some DAWs under BugSur with Dark Mode.
Automation in the VST3 version did not work with parameters that were located behind the 10th slot.
Workaround for a bug of Ableton and FL Studio which do not properly stick to the AudioUnit2 standard and did not display the AudioUnit.
Workaround for a bug of Reaper which does not display automation parameters incorrectly.
Workarounds for many DAWs which did not resize the VST3 plugin properly.


AudioUnit is now an AUv2 plugin.
AudioUnit and VSTi are now a Universal Binary for 64bit Intel and M1.
Apple's development tools are unable to build 32bit Intel binaries when you support M1. Sadly we had to drop support for it.
Apple's Notarisation and the M1 support requires a MacOS version higher or equal than 10.11. If you still use an older version you must stick with Icarus 2.0.
The name of 'Reverb Trance' is now 'Revereb Swirl'.

Breaking changes:

Please read this if you are on Mac and use AudioUnits. You can ignore it if you use Vst plugins or if you are on PC.
The AudioUnit interface had to be completely rewritten because of various issues that raised from the introduction of native M1 support and Apple's notarisation. It was not longer possible to keep AudioUnits downward compatible with reasonable effort.
As a result your old songs that used the AU version of previous Icarus versions will 'forget' their patches when you load them with Icarus 2.5.
You will have to re-select the patches and re-save your song or you might prefer to stick with the old version (