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The oscillator tuning on Warlock has X3, X5, X6, etc., as options. What exactly is this supposed to mean? It is not documented in the manual. Also, can you consider adding a space in the tunning options? It took me a while to figure out I was reading 1OCT (1 octave) instead of 10CT (10 cents).

Markus Krause:
Tune+1OCT: Plays one octave higher.
Tune+2OCT: Plays two octaves higher.
Tune-1OCT: Plays one octave lower.
X3: Plays a frequency 3 times higher. This is close to one octave and a fifth higher.
X5: Plays a frequecy 5 times higher.
X6: Plays a frequeny 6 times higher. This is close to 2 octaves and a fifth higher.

Sadly O and 0 mostly look very similar on computers. We are using a Windows / Apple default font for the text just like most other software does. Imho Microsoft and Apple could have done better with the font design as the difference is indeed pretty subtle. The O is more wide than the 0. That's where you can see the difference.


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