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Author Topic: Nemesis 2.4  (Read 1654 times)

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Nemesis 2.4
« on: August 03, 2022, 08:27:19 AM »
Nemesis 2.4 (free update for PC and Mac)

The update is available for free for all Nemesis users.
Please note that the AudioUnit interface of Nemesis 2.4 is not downward compatible.

New features:

- Added a VST3 version for Mac (M1 native and Intel).
- Added a standalone version for Mac (M1 native and Intel).
- Completely new AudioUnit interface.
- All parameters are available for the DAW's automation now.


- Many small enhancements.


- Workarounds for many DAWs which did not resize the VST3 plugin properly.
- Automation in the VST3 version did not work with parameters that were located behind the 10th slot.
- Workaround for a bug of Ableton and FL Studio which do not properly stick to the AudioUnit2 standard and did not display the AudioUnit.
- Workaround for a bug of Ableton which did not configure the Automation parameters of the VST3 version properly.
- Workaround for a bug of Reaper which did display automation parameters incorrectly.
- Fixed a possible crash.

Breaking changes:

Please read this if you are on Mac and use AudioUnits. You can ignore it if you used only Vst plugins or if you are on PC.
The AudioUnit interface had to be completely rewritten because of various issues that raised from the introduction of native M1 support and Apple's notarisation. It was not longer possible to keep AudioUnits downward compatible with reasonable effort.
As a result your old songs that used previous AudioUnit version will 'forget' their patches when you load them with Nemesis 2.3beta or later.
You will have to re-select the patches and re-save your song or you might prefer to stick with your current version.