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Author Topic: Nemesis v2.1 / v2.2  (Read 1734 times)

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Nemesis v2.1 / v2.2
« on: May 05, 2022, 08:59:26 AM »
We updated the PC and the Mac version of our digital synthesizer Nemesis to v2.1/v2.2.
The udpates are major updates, which are available for free. They add a VST3 version for PC, native Apple M1 ARM support, many enhancements and new features.

New features:

- Added a VST3 version for PC.
- You can select from 3 different installation types: Minimal (VST2 only), Default (VST2 + Standalone) and Full (VST2 + VST3 + Standalone).
- Added a Microsoft-approved certificate to the installer.
- HiDPI support for the VST3 version.
- AudioUnit version supports M1 native.
- VSTi version supports M1 native.
- Help->'Show version info' displays the mode in which the plugin is running (ARM/Intel).


- Higher sound-quality in 44 kHz, 48 kHz and 88 kHz sample-rate.
- More precise timing.
- New microtuning algorithm that detects and enhances a wide range of chords.
- More smart detection of the VST2 path.
- Slightly higher performance.
- More robustness.
- Further optimisation to prevent denormalisation.
- Much faster loading times on M1 Macs.
- The native M1 support results in 20% lower CPU use compared to Rosetta2 Mode.
- More responsive GUI on M1 Macs.
- Several small enhancements.


- Resynthesis of waveforms did not work as expected.
- M1 Macs did not update the GUI properly when the selector-button for the LFO type was pressed.
- Coordinates of the knob-contextmenu were incorrect when the large GUI was used.
- Tooltips did not work with Dark Mode with Big Sur.
- Big Sur could show an incorrect mouse-pointer.
- Workaround for the 'unusual' designed audio architecture of FL Studio. It is not longer necessary to enable 'Use fixed size buffers' to avoid crackles.
- Workaround for a bug of Big Sur where new AudioUnits are only detected after a reboot.
- Fixed a rarely appearing crash.


- Updated some links.
- AudioUnit is now an AUv2 plugin.
- AudioUnit and VSTi are now a Universal Binary for Intel and M1.
- Minimum MacOS version is now 10.11. If you still use an older version you must stick with Nemesis v2.1.


Download link: