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Author Topic: If you did use UserA.t2b and update v1.0rc3 to Warlock v1.0rc4  (Read 2272 times)


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Make sure that you've backed up any of your UserA, UserB, or UserC banks.  The update will replace them.

On a Mac, you can find these banks at:

~Library/Application Support/Tone2/Warlock
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Re: Before you update Warlock
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You can automatically load your own sound-bank to Warlock on startup. Place UserA.t2b to "Documents\Tone2\Warlock\" (on PC) or "/Library/Application Support/Tone2/Warlock/" (on Mac) . When you select UserA as a sound-bank in Warlock your own one will be loaded.

If you should update v1.0rc3 to Warlock v1.0rc4 and if you do did make use of UserA.t2b, UserB.t2b, or UserC.t2b:
The update to v1.0rc4 will replace them. You may want to make a backup of these file before you run the installer.
The location of the user-banks is here:
"Documents\Tone2\Warlock\" (on PC)
"/Library/Application Support/Tone2/Warlock/" (on Mac)

All future updates will not longer overwrite user*.t2b if they already exist.
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