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Author Topic: First track with my first T2 synth (Icarus2) + mini review  (Read 31 times)


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First track with my first T2 synth (Icarus2) + mini review
« on: January 11, 2021, 11:28:14 AM »

Greetings to everyone in the forum and a Happy New Year 2021, full of musical projects, and even better helped with the fantastic tools of TONE2. My first post in the forum which is being a happy new and amazed Icarus 2 user, a unique synth that went straight to share the top spots with my favs virtual synths. I usually  record a "beta first version" track when I have a new synthesizer with barely knowledge about its features.

That lets me figure out what I can achieve in a quick low-flying test drive. Then, after gathering more experience in the use of the instrument, I will make a new version of the same track, and comparing. 

First, some early impressions about Icarus 2.

Icarus 2, as the winged character its name evokes, let me fly and create the track with ease and inspiration, so I can only imagine what can be done with this synth of endless possibilities as you learn to use it.

The first thing I could notice about Icarus 2 is a unique and distinctive sound personality, but I don't mean that everything sounds the same but the thousands of tonal, dynamic, stylistic and original possibilities that can be achieved with its impressive and advanced engine, re-synthesis, wave-tables design, LFO, filters, Drum, drum looper, selective modulation, vocoder, effects, millimeter editing capacity and an amazing SMART random feature, in addition to the multiple resources and menu tools available for each function.

In addition, there are an wide presets library collections available for Icarus 2, designed with expertise, knowledge and experience in many areas of contemporary music production, exploring the "entrails" of this powerful synth.
 I'm super intrigued to try at least one of them, as the demos are amazing and very compelling.

It is obvious that you are going to need a degree of dedication, exploration and study but at the same time I immediately realized that Icarus 2 has an intuitive interface and mode of operation that will considerably reduce the learning curve while you can apply what you have learned instantly.   

The display of engineering and intelligence for Icarus 2 is incredible, as well as the musical sense invested by Markus Krause, its designer creator, in the same way the continuous contribution of Troels Nygaard in the area of presets, demos, support and ideas for the development of Icarus 2, only demonstrates the amount of talent and dedication to this marvel of the digital music industry, made by the TONE2 team, including Anna Krause and Mac of BIOnighT.

Thanks to everyone in the TONE2 team, for your kindness, understanding and support, I consider you my friends in the distance, greetings from Venezuela.

Icarus is my only TONE2 synth, but I hope I can have the whole family of instruments / effects. Dreams are difficult to achieve and sometimes a lot, but not impossible!

My Icarus 2  quick test demo and first track .

Except for my guitar parts playing (rhythm and leads), all the instruments and most of efx,  are from Icarus 2 (10 instances without appreciable CPU tax!) Pads, Keys, drums, pianos, bass, brass, voices, arpeggios, sequences, everythin from Icarus 2 !

I edited and modified some of the factory presets used on the track, at most small changes and some fx customization.  You might notice a bit of a high use of reverb but I still tried to keep everything tight and understandable in the mix.

 I also used AkustiX, not on the master but on some individual tracks (more control to me). Fantastic results in the spatial stereo field.  Just be careful with the stereo / mono compatibility in the final master by checking using the "mono" test button in the tool.

  A second take will come (and other tracks) as soon as I master this beast step by step! 

~ CEA ~
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Markus Krause

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Re: First track with my first T2 synth (Icarus2) + mini review
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2021, 09:20:34 AM »
Hello CEART,

thanks a lot for the nice feedback and the review.
I like your track. It is very versatite and interesting to listen. It is completely different from the usual music that you hear on the radio in Europe.

I wish you a Happy New Year 2012 and lots of fun when you create your music!

All the Best,