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Author Topic: Nemesis 2.0  (Read 982 times)

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Nemesis 2.0
« on: June 02, 2021, 08:19:18 AM »
What is Nemesis?

Nemesis can do all important classic digital synthesis methods as well as a new approach called 'NeoFM'. NeoFM is more powerful and more easy to program than traditional FM. It offers superior sound quality. A warm and creamy signature-sound is generated by its engine.


- Can do all important digital synthesis methods + NeoFM
- Huge sonic range: Warm, cold, metallic, silky or creamy
- Can create unique sounds that are not possible with other synths
- NeoFM is an exclusive and improved approach to FM synthesis
- Unique signature-sound
- Contains 1065 inspiring patches from professional designers
- High-end sound quality with low demands on your CPU
- User-friendly interface
- Very versatile
- Many high-end quality effects
- Wave import and re-synthesis for unlimited sonic possibilities
- Additive spectrum editor
- True 4x stereo unison
- Expandability
- Trancegate
- Powerful, easy-to-use arpeggiator

Big screenshot:

Sounds and synthesis

Nemesis comes with a huge and inspiring sound library, built by professional sound designers.
Nemesis features pristine tonal quality and offers sonic possibilities far beyond the scope of conventional digital synthesizers. A uniquely silky signature sound is generated by its engine. The synthesizer is capable of providing warm, smooth, and creamy tones as well as the classic metallic and cold sounds FM synthesis is known for. Nemesis has a huge sonic range, since it is capable to do a massive number of digital synthesis-methods:

- Classic FM/Phase-Modulation (known from the Yamaha DX11)
- Waveshaping (known from the Korg 01/W)
- Additive synthesis (knwon from the Kawai K1)
- Phase-Distortion (known from the Casio CZ)
- Formant-Synthesis (known from the Yamaha FS1R)
- Crossblending Waveforms (known from the Waldorf Microwave)
- PWM (unlike conventional synths Nemesis can do PWM with any Waveform, not just Squarewaves)
- Ring-Modulation
- Resynthesis of Waveforms
- Resonance (exclusive to Nemesis)
- Neo-FM (exclusive to Nemesis)

The combination of the different synthesis-methods, the import of your own waveforms and the resynthesis of samples open up undreamt-of possibilities for you. You can use the additive-spectrum-editor to create new waveforms or to alter existing ones.
Several play-modes such as polyphonic, mono & legato, true 4x stereo unison complement the wide range of synthesis-modes and waveforms. Your possibilities are litterally unlimited.

The future of FM Synthesis

Nemesis takes FM synthesis onto its next evolutionary step: NeoFM synthesis.
From a technical point of view, conventional 'FM synthesizers' actually use phase modulation to generate sound - but for historical marketing reasons they are advertised as 'FM synthesizers'. The traditional method, however, is limited to bell-like sounds and often produces an unpleasant, metallic sound.
Some analog synthesizers can do true FM. However, this suffers from the lack of precision of the oscillators, which creates an inharmonic sound that is not particularly useful musically.
The innovative NeoFM approach combines the advantages of both worlds without taking over the respective weaknesses. It is now easier than ever to get great sounding results.


There are 48 high quality effects available that can be combined with each other. Flexible routing options complete the extensive effects section.
The innovative ducking-module makes your mix more transparent and rich by dynamically fading out reverb-tails.
Nemesis offers smart-micro-tuning, which automatically analyzes the notes played to improve the sound of chords.
An optional psychoacoustic module gives your tracks more kick and volume.
Nemesis has a gate section for creating rhythmic patterns. Extended functions such as contour, fading, swing and shuffle allow you to fine-tune the sounds perfectly.


The arpeggiator in Nemesis is inspiring, powerful and easy to use. Just select your notes inside the note sequencer as you normally would and choose the play direction. The arpeggiator also supports optional advanced features such as auto-chords, polyphonic playback, glides, swing or matrix integration.


By using drag & drop or the matrix, Nemesis allows you to connect dozens of modulation sources to sound parameters. Modulate almost any parameter up into the audio-rate speed, from internal modulation sources like the LFOs, to a wide variety of MIDI messages. We've also included midi-learn, so assigning CC's is as simple as a right-click.

System requirements

PC: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista  (32 bit or 64 bit)
PC formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, standalone
Mac: MacOS 10.7 or higher / MacOS 11; Intel CPU or Apple M1
Mac formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, 32-bit Audio Unit (AU), 64-bit Audio Unit (AU)

User-friendly copy-protection: No cloud, no dongle, no need to be online

Price: 99, $99


Free demo-version:



What's new in Nemesis 2?

The update to v2.0 is a major update, which is available for free. It includes a big GUI, exciting new features, new waveforms, higher sound-quality, better performance and many enhancements.
Nemesis2 is downward-compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary.

New features:

- A big interface is available beside of the normal scale now.
- It is possible to select from 4 GUI sizes in 'CFG'.
- The synth can create an unlimited number of new sounds with FILE->'Create random patch'.
- 119 additional Waveforms including many noisy and complex types.
- New effect 'Hypersaw' which stacks 3,5,7 or 9 voices.
- New effect 'Haas Effect' which creates the impression of positioning a sound source.
- New effect 'Chorus Standard' which has the sound of an industry-standard chorus.
- The texts shown in the patch-browser on Mac support hi-dpi drawing.
- The plugin detects the best GUI-size automatically.
- Added Digital-Signatures for the installers on PC.
- Added Notarisation for the installers on Mac.
- Support for Code-Signing on the Mac, since new hosts may require it to be able to run plugins.
- Compatibility with MacOS Catalina and Big Sur.
- Completely new AudioUnit interface.
- The texts shown in the patch-browser on Mac support hi-dpi drawing.
- Keyfile-dialogue is available in German.


- The interface has a smoother rendering with more contrast.
- Much faster loading of plugin and patches.
- Better compatibility with Windows 10.
- Enhanced sound of MultiTap, Delay, PingPong, DelayDual, Doubler DelayBand. They sound less detuned.
- More beautiful fonts.
- Patch-browser has more contrast.
- Reworked many graphics.
- Many small enhancements.

New features and enhancements (standalone-version for PC):

- Added a recorder that can export your jam-session to a wav-file.
- The BPM-rate can be changed.
- Added a soft-clipping-algorithm with low harmonic distortion.
- The current patch can be saved on exit and is reloaded automatically on start.
- MME-driver support.
- Midi-through support with output-routing.
- Added Midi-velocity-curves with multipoint-splines.
- Optional Midi-transposition with up to +-48 semitones.
- Optional Midi-channel-filtering.
- The current BPM-rate, CPU-load and volume is shown on the top-panel.
- Tooltips are shown on the top-panel.
- Lower latency for the sound-card drivers.
- More responsive GUI with 120 Hz refresh-rate for smooth knob movements.
- Faster closing of plugin.


- 32-bit on PC is not longer supported. If you still use a 32-bit host, install Nemesis 1.6 instead.
- MacOS 10.7 is the minimum requirement now. If you still use 10.6 or 10.5, install Nemesis 1.6 instead.


- Fixed a rarely appearing crash that could happen when the plugin was closed while a tooltip was shown.
- Fixed an unlikely crash on the Mac which happened if the plugin was closed immediately after opening the browser.
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