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Author Topic: More CPU power, latency settings and clicks  (Read 2884 times)

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More CPU power, latency settings and clicks
« on: December 01, 2012, 11:18:05 AM »
Reducing clicks, better performance and lower latency


Windows 7 - Power management:

On Win7 64bit, I went into Control Panel, Power Options, Change Plan Setting, Change Advanced Power Settings. Under 'Processor Power Management' I changed 'Minimum processor state' to 100, and 'Link state Power Management' to OFF.


Windows XP - tweaking Power Options

Windows allows for custom configuration of its power settings. This is useful for conserving energy when the computer is not in use. It works by automatically powering down or 'hibernating' one or more components of the computer system when the computer has been idle for a predetermined amount of time. This can pose a major problem for users who record long session, as the computer may power itself down in the middle of recording! To optimize the power setting for audio performance, go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options. Under Power Schemes, select, in order: "Always On," "Never," "Never," "Never." Also make sure that "Hibernate" is unchecked.


If you still experience clicks you must select a larger latency for the soundard in the audio settings of your host. Take a look at the handbook of the host software about the details.
The best latency setting mainly depends on the speed of your computer and your soundcard.
When you run in ASIO you can go down to 9 ms, if you are on DirectSound you might have to select 50ms or more.
A latency setting as low as 9 ms (=512 samples blocksize @ 44 khz / = 1024 samles blocksize @ 96 khz) is absulutely sufficent. More aggressive settings with smaller blocksize might introduce crackles and increase the CPU load sigificantly.