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Author Topic: Modulating Icarus Arp Parameters in Bitwig--Wow!  (Read 53 times)
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« on: September 13, 2019, 05:57:11 AM »

I've recently discovered how many of the parameters of Icarus' arpeggiator can be automated with the modulators in Bitwig. Within Bitwig, I also appreciate that some of the parameters appear in an intuitive way. For example, if I'm using a Bitwig LFO to modulate a specific step of the Icarus arp sequence between two different notes, I can actually see the semitone steps I'm modulating between when I set up the LFO's mod amount in the Bitwig interface. As this took me a while to discover, I wanted to mention it here.

I haven't explored this much with Cubase, my other DAW, but I imagine it's possible to do some fun modulation of Icarus' arp parameters with automation in other DAWs, too. Whatever the case, Bitwig and Icarus' arp are very powerful together. When you start automating parameters like the arp's loop length, you can easily get some rhythmically complex and evolving sequences.
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