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Author Topic: Installing soundsets  (Read 1639 times)

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Installing soundsets
« on: July 31, 2019, 09:24:47 AM »
Installing Tone2 soundsets

1) Run the installer. The correct location is detected automatically
2) Restart the plugin

Our own Electra soundsets were built by professinal designers, contain high quality presets, come with a comfortable installer and detect the correct location automatically.

Installation of 3rd party soundsets:

Please note:
We are not responsible for the quality or content of 3rd party soundsets which are distributed on the web outside of our own shop (
Most 3rd party soundsets were built by hobbyists and can contain badly designed or even broken patches. You are using this at your own risk.
We only do support for our own products. If you experience problems with 3rd party content you must refer to the author of the 3rd party content.

1) Make sure that the patches are really content for Tone2 Electra. The plugin can not load patches of other synthesizers.

2) Unpack the .zip or .rar-file to your desktop.

3) PC: Go the the VSTplugins directory where you installed Electra. Then open the ElectraX_sounds directory.
Mac: Go to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/ElectraX_sounds

4) The subdirectories within ElectraX_sounds represent the patch 'categories' within the plugin (like Bass, Lead, etc.). Every subdirectory (=category) contains '.fxp' files (=patches). The maximum number of patches (.fxp files) for one category is 76. If you got more than 76 you must split it into several subdirectories.
Do not mess around with the factory categories like Bass, Lead, etc, because this can damage your installation! Use a new subdirectory for the 3rd party content you want to install.

5) Copy the unpacked soundset in a way to the ElectraX_sounds directory that is structure is maintained.

On PC it must look this way:

On Mac it must look this way:

5) Close your host

6) Open your host and Electra

7) The new patches should now appear within a new category in the patch browser.

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