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Author Topic: 'Lunar Systems' soundset for Electra released  (Read 355 times)
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« on: May 02, 2019, 09:22:19 AM »

The 'Lunar Systems' soundset for Electra has been released.
This soundset focuses on Ambient, Psybient and Space music. The sounds can also be used for many other genres.


- 228 presets (178 + 50 variations)
- The soundset makes use of Electra's powerful multi-layer capabilities. As a result you can create deep soundscapes with very little effort.
- This set uses the new waveshapers and effects introduced with Electra v2.7.
- Includes the album 'Moonlight Experience', created only with presets from this soundset, as free bonus
- Comfortable installation
- Seamless integration into the user interface
- All sounds are properly programmed - they are no samples. This results in more dynamic expression and the highest possible sound quality.
- Created by the experienced sound designer and artist 'tatsyn'

Patch Breakdown

- 68 Arpeggiators
- 13 Sequences
- 62 Atmos
- 31 Pads
- 22 Basses
- 16 Keys
- 9 Leads
- 7 Drones + FX

Price: 39 / $49

For more info please visit the product page:

MP3 download:

For more info about Electra visit the product page:

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