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Author Topic: MIDI input source and output target configuration settings  (Read 1532 times)


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MIDI input source and output target configuration settings
« on: February 23, 2019, 01:31:27 AM »
I have purchased Saurus and the entire collection of Tone2 synthesizers.  I have multiple synth applications (I.e. Saurus on one monitor screen and Gladiator on the other) running concurrently at the same time on my Windows 8.1 desktop.  I have two MIDI controller keyboards (KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 and NOVATION 61SL MKIII) connected to the PC via USB MIDI.  I have LoopBe30 virtual MIDI port manager running to handle MIDI routing between applications, and MIDI-OX running to manage patching of MIDI from keyboard controllers attached to the USB virtual ports to LoopBe30 application MIDI ports.

The problem I have is any note played on either keyboard controller plays on both Saurus and Gladiator synth applications simultaneously, regardless how patching is routed in MIDI-OX or LoopBe30.  Any note played on any controller keyboard plays on all open TONE2 synthesizer applications with no way to route each controller keyboard to a separate TONE2 synth application for live performance applications.

Is there a way to select in any TONE2 synth application which MIDI input or MIDI output it should route to like you can in other stand alone music applications like Spark Vintage Drum Machine, etc?  If not, is this a feature that can be requested?

Markus Krause

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Re: MIDI input source and output target configuration settings
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2019, 10:27:03 AM »
Hello Sebastian,

the standalone app on PC is a small host which loads the plugin dll. The purpose of this software is to make it easy for the user to test the demo version or to play and install the synthesizers without the necessity to configure a complex host like Cubase. To make it as easy for the users as possible the standalone always receives on all midi devices and midi channels

In general i do not recommend to run more than one instance of a host, because most soundcard drivers can not handle this properly.

Instead of this you should use a Plug-in Chainer / Rack software. It is a small host software where you can load several vst plugins and route them individually. I did like Steinberg's VSTack. Sadly this one is not longer available.

Here you can find a listing of Plug-in Chainers:

Best Regards,