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Author Topic: Review in Soundbytesmagazine  (Read 4321 times)

Markus Krause

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Review in Soundbytesmagazine
« on: March 18, 2019, 07:23:57 AM »
Tone2 Ultraspace review in Soundbytesmagazine:

"With its great multi-tap delay and reverb section, Tone2 UltraSpace is not just another reverberation plugin, it’s an effect suite in what Tone2 calls as a complete ambience-modeling solution. It can simulate nearly every kind of room, echo or acoustic environment with good sound. It offers users plenty of sonic range, flexibility and versatility due to its semi-modular design. The GUI is easy to navigate with each module section properly laid out. It adapts to the company’s color scheme and everything is easy to read.

UltraSpace offers musicians and producers clear and lush sound which can sit in mix well. The Reverb section includes common controls such as Mix, Size, Decay, Diffusion, Predelay, High Damp, Low Damp, High Cut and Low Cut. There’s also a Swirl knob (made famous by Lexicon) for adding a mod effect. The Multitap section includes Mix, Time, Feedback, Detune, High Damp, Low Damp, High Cut and Low Cut knobs. With these two units alone in Ultraspace, you can create sophisticated experiments. But it does not stop there. UltraSpace also sports a Duck and Gate section with a few parameters to tweak. Lastly, there’s a Surround knob (for stereo widening effect), a randomizer and 150 high-quality presets created by professionals. With that being said, it can be a good sound design tool for creating complex sequences, rhythmic reverbs and ginormous textures with its various modules.  

Application: UltraSpace has got some good room reverb presets to start with, plenty of which I find useful. But if you’re a tweaker, you can dial-in a good room reverb with a few parameter changes and you’re good to go. I think UltraSpace is good for FX-type reverbs due to its other built-in modules, but is also outstanding for subtle reverb use. For rhythmic sequenced parts, the Gate, Duck and Multitap are indispensable.

Creative Uses: With its built-in Gate module, UltraSpace is capable of processing drums to sound like gated reverb drums (aka big sounding 80’s drums). If you fancy trying to make your drums to sound like 80s Prince or Phil Collins, UltraSpace can help you achieve that in no time."


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Re: Review in Soundbytesmagazine
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2019, 05:15:37 PM »
UltrasPace is one of my secret weapons, especially with drums! I guess it's not so secret anymore  ;D
Anyhow, nice review of a great plugin! 8)