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Author Topic: The history of Tone2  (Read 2790 times)
Markus Krause audiosoftware
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I got asked by email about the origins, motives and philosophies that gave birth to Tone2.
Since this info might be interesting also for others i'll post my answer also to the forum.


Back in the 90s me and some friends we part of the 'demoscene' and inspired by 'The Future Crew'. At the age of 13 I started programming Trackers for SoundBlaster-cards and DOS. There was not much software available on the marked and we were not able to afford real synthesizer hardware.
That's why me and some friends programmed stuff in Pascal and Assembler in our freetime.

At the end of the 90s i was part of the team which developed 'All Sound Tracker'. A sample-based sequencer tailor-mode for the EMU 8000 chipset of the SoundBlaster AWE 32.

In the early 2000s i played with some friends in a band called 'Wellental'. It was somewhere inbetween of Ambient, Electronic and Jazz Music. We did play everything live and recorded some of our jam-sessions.
That's the point where i started programming my own vst-plugins. It was mainly for myself and my friends.

Hans-Peter Diechler and myself did work in a project called 'Druckwelle'. It was trance and dance music.

Later i programmed the audio engine for several plugins released by refx:
Vanguard, Junox, PlastiCZ and Slayer.

Tone2 was founded since Michael from refx was unwilled to translate some of my ideas into action (FilterBank and the HCM synthesis of FireBird).

Here is some info about the company Tone2 (scroll down):


I translated some of my old demoscene creations from the 90s (written in pascal and assembler) to html5 (scroll down):
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Thanks Markus!
It's very interesting!!!
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