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Author Topic: Oscillator "Window" and Flt impulse import  (Read 2667 times)


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Oscillator "Window" and Flt impulse import
« on: May 15, 2013, 09:30:11 PM »

I have recently purchased this intriguing synthesizer with the new Impulse Mod Synthesis engine. I have read the manual many times now and discussions online. I really still do not understand what is going on here.

I am interested in the synthesis engine. I *think* I comprehend how RB synth is handling harmonics in waveforms, but I do not understand what is meant by "bursts of energy" ??? to generate the oscillator signal

Also, what are the "windows" of the oscillator doing to the harmonic content. At first I thought it was a mathematical function applied over the signal based on the window 'shape' but I am not sure. I'd like to try to get some 'expected' results from some of my programming. Can anyone provide any more information about how the sound is being generated here? The basis of single cycle waveform (impulses) I understand, but not the window functionaltiy and not really the "harmonic" parameter either, as this is not really adding or subtracting harmonics in a linear fashion. I wish the manual include more info about what the different oscillator functions are actually doing to the sound and not only information about how to turn them on and the more obvious things.

Also what and how is the PWM functioning on the OSC? I do not understand how it is implemented in these Rayblaster oscillators. What are the PW menu options exactly doing to the oscillation of the current waveform?

At any rate I do appreciate the designs that can come out of this thing. Excellent sound tool. I would just like to understand more about the synth engine/oscillator function

Also, I tried to import my own filter impulse using Ingo's guide (THANK YOU for your deep infos Ingo!) BUT my impulse did not sound smooth after the export. I then wonder... Does the sample rate of the waveform have any effect on the import? My wave began as 24-bit and then I export to 16-bit PCM WAV. I *also* made sure there is cut at 0 crossing the single cycle of the filter-affected osc waveform. Thanks for any help/explanation!
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