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Author Topic: Creating own sets for Tone2 synths  (Read 6205 times)
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« on: April 16, 2015, 10:24:22 AM »

The rules for soundsets are:

- Anyone can do a soundset. However you really should be experienced with sound design and our products.

- Before you start, we recommend that you contact us and discuss about the concept. This way we can make sure that you don't create something noneconomical.

- A set must consist of 150, 200 or more quality sounds. 'Fillers' or 'similar clones' will not be accepted.

- Modwheel and pitchwheel must be routed. Volume must be properly normalized.

- The set must be submitted with a good and properly mastered demosong in WAV format. Keep the demosong as short as possible (3 min to 5 min). Take a look at our other existing soundsets for examples.

- Create an advertizing text for the set. Take a look at our other existing soundsets for examples.

- Zip it and submit the complete package to markus[ a t]tone2[do t]com

We will take care of this:

- Building the webpage for the set

- Hosting the webpage on

- Creating the graphics and icons for the set

- Creating the automatic installers for PC and Mac

- Setting up the webshop for the electronic distribution

- Advertizing it on our website, social media, kvr, websites, magazines,...

- Sending out a newsletter to all Tone2 customers

- Customer support


- The income from the set is shared by 50:50

- Payment is done after a period of 3 months or when you request it

- You must write a bill

- Your money is transfered by bank transfer

If you still got questions on sounddesign please refer to troels[a t]tone2[do t]com

Best Regards,
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