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Title: Famous artists using Tone2 products
Post by: Markus Krause on February 12, 2019, 09:33:18 AM
Please note: This listing is incomplete. It does not include artists which have been already displayed on the website.

Chris Thomas
owns all Tone2 products (except Icarus). He is a producer who has worked extensively with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Roxy Music, Badfinger, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, Pulp and the Pretenders. He has also produced breakthrough albums for the Sex Pistols, the Climax Blues Band and INXS.

Metro Boomin
Leland Wayne owns all Tone2 synths. He is known for his recordings with artists such as Future, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, and Migos. Forbes called him "easily one of the most in-demand hitmakers in the world".

Greg Kurstin
uses Tone2 Electra. He has been associated with releases which have sold more than 60 million albums. He won five Grammy Awards, including Producer of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

Mike Will Made-It
uses Tone2 Gladiator. He is known for producing trap beats for hip hop artists as well as for producing singles, such as "Black Beatles" and "Powerglide" by Rae Sremmurd, "Mercy" by GOOD Music, "No Lie" by 2 Chainz, "Bandz a Make Her Dance" by Juicy J, "Pour It Up" by Rihanna, "Love Me" by Lil Wayne, "Body Party" by Ciara, "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus, "Formation" by Beyoncé, and "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar.

Ernest Wilson (NO I.D.)
owns all Tone2 synths (except Icarus). He is a heavily sought-out and high-profile producer, producing hit singles such as "Smile" by G-Unit, "Outta My System" and "Let Me Hold You" by Bow Wow, "Heartless" by Kanye West, "D.O.A." by Jay-Z and "My Last" by Big Sean.

Daft Punk
Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Aphex Twin
Richard James (Aphex Twin) uses Tone2 Electra.

Joseph Simmons from Run-DMC uses Tone2 Electra, FilterBank and Warmverb Multi-FX.

The Neptunes
Chad Hugo from The Neptunes uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Brian Wilson
uses Tone2 Nemesis. In 2012, music publication NME ranked Wilson number 8 in the "50 Greatest Producers Ever" list.

Lee Scratch Perry
uses Tone2 Electra. He has worked with and produced for a wide variety of artists, including Bob Marley and the Wailers, Junior Murvin, the Congos, Max Romeo, Adrian Sherwood, the Beastie Boys, Ari Up, The Clash.

Fernandy Garibay
uses Tone2 Saurus, Electra, Ultraspace, Nemesis, RayBlaster, Warmverb and Gladiator.
He has worked with artists including U2, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Lady Gaga, and Poppy. He was the producer of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album.

Klayton Albert (Celldweller) uses Tone2 Gladiator, Warmverb, BiFilter and FilterBank.

Virtual Riot
Christian Valentin Brunn from Virtual Riot uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Rico Love
Richard Preston Butler (Rico Love) uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Michel Sanchez
owns all Tone2 synths and effects. He won a Grammy Award, and a World Award for best world music album.

Deep Forest
Michael Sanchez from Deep Forest owns all Tone2 synths and effects. Their albums have sold over 10 million copies.

LCD Soundsystem
James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem uses Tone2 Gladiator. He won a Grammy Award for the Best Dance recording.

Alain Macklovitch (A-Track) uses Tone2 Electra.

Duck Sauce
Alain Macklovitch from Duck Sauce uses Tone2 Electra.

Dean Ramirez
Dean Ramirez uses Tone2 Rayblaster and Nemesis. He has achieved five Top 20 hits.

Charles Cohen
uses Tone2 Electra.

Roger Shah
uses Tone2 Electra. He is also known as Sunlounger, Purple Mood, Savannah, Black Pearl, High Noon at Salinas, Magic Island, Global Experience.

Ulrich Schnauss
uses Tone2 RayBlaster, Nemesis, Saurus. He is known as Ethereal 77, View to the Future, The Extremist, Hexaquart.

Thomas Gold
uses Tone2 Electra.

Morgan Page
uses Tone2 Akustix. He has received two Grammy Award nominations.

Randy Katana
(Randy Joubert) uses Tone2 Warmverb. He is also known as Phantom, Noski, Katana, and DJ Randy.

Stefan Eichinger (LOPAZZ) uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Robert Swire from Pendulum uses Tone2 Gladiator (and Tone2 Saurus?).

Joakim Jesper Söderlund (Airbase) uses Tone2 Gladiator and Saurus.

Rold Ellmer (Dance2Trance) uses Tone2 Gladiator and Warmverb Multi-FX.

Gary Carolla
owns the Tone2 Complete Bundle. He is the producer of Centory, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, Keisha Cole, Neyo, Chrios Brown.

Garry Carolla (Centory) owns the Tone2 Complete Bundle.

Dean Coleman
uses Tone2 Akustix and Tone2 Electra.

Knife Party
uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Luke Porter
uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Robotiko Rejekto
Ralf Henrich (Robotiko Rejekto) uses Tone2 Saurus, Electra, Nemesis, RayBlaster, Gladiator, FilterBank, Warmverb Multi-FX.

Andy Blom (Waverider) uses Tone2 Saurus.

Rudolf Ratzinger (:Wumpscut:) uses Tone2 Electra, Gladiator, Warmverb Multi-FX.

Aliaume Damala Badara "Akon" Thiam uses Tone2 Gladiator.

Junie Morrison
uses Tone2 Electra.

Tony Vincent
uses Tone2 Saurus, Gladiator, Electra, FilterBank, Warmverb Multi-FX.

David Sherlock (Driftmoon) uses Tone2 Gladiator.